Bead It  
Design for A Billion |

Indian Institutes of Technology &
Parsons School of Design

User Experience, Social Practice, Collaborative Project, Problem Solving

Plywood, Carboard, Metals, Plastic

2 Weeks | Jan 2018

Product Prototypes

Wen-chi Huang, Echo Jiang, Ray


This is a collaborative project providing alternative laundry methodology tackling water, soup and electricity scarcity issues at Indian rural village, Basin, by introducing washing machine using bio-ceramic beads with  desired manual rotating interactive method after interviews. Reseaches, field interviews, rapid prototyping, and user tests are largely involved.


1.0 Field Research
Location: Basin village, Ahmedabad, India

Findings: Laundry and soup consumption are the two biggest concerns that each household faces daily. They desired electricity-free products that could help them save water and soup usage.

2.0 Prototypes

#1. Prototype: 1 - Acceptance test
Location: Basin village, Ahmedabad, India

Field trip interviews && User Test 
January 2018

#2. Prototype: 2 - Function test
Location: Indian Institute , Ahmedabad, India

3.0 Reflection & Impact

The overall reaction from local community was surprisingly enthusiastic. Majority of villagers at Basin are willing to try and purchase the beadit machine for a budget controlled under 1000 rubies. 

Dean of MFA Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design
Jan 2018

            AhmedabadMirror, Local Publication 
            Jan 2018