Instructional Sets for Strangers

Shadow Game | Hopscotch

Madison Square Park |

Light & Public installation
Group project | Yujie & Jin

This project aims at creating sets in the public that changes passer-bys’ behaviors without instructional words. Specifically, we are designing an art installation in the Madison Square Park, which utilizes sun light in the area to create an interactive shadow on ground that children and visitors know how to play with without instructional words.

Field Research

To measure the maximal extension of projected shadow in the park, so we could know how big the installation that we need to make for people to jump at; and choose an ideal location for our installation.

The maximal extension is twice of the actual size of our prototype.
Shadow reaches its maximal length at 4:30PM ETC. Lawn is the most popular place for children to play around


Although not many passer-by played hopscotch with the shadow, we did get a lot more attention and unexpected interaction with our 3rd version of prototype, such as adjusting shadow, hit numbers on sculpture, stepping on shadows.

1.  Color triggers people’s interests
2. Size gets smaller in public space
3. Parents’ actions matters in children’s behaviors
4. Is hopscotch still popular?