User Experience, Public Art
Group Project

We believe that the color is a significant medium for people to express their emotions when they are looking at this world. It help us to extend sensory understanding of the surroundings. This project aims at providing audience a new dimension upon things that they perceived as mundane objects, objects that they see daily but ignore, using a telescope-like installation that invites people to observe.

Union Square, New York, NY

Plywood, Acrylic Glass, Metals

1 Week | Feb 2018

Public Installation

Yujie Jiang, Yuemei Zhang

Union Square I (Feb 2018)

Union Square II (Feb 2018)

Colors are, despite first appearances, subjective and transitory”   
by Mazviita Chirimuut

<The Reality of Color Is Perception>

Field Observation

Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
Time: 1.26-1.28

We found that by adding colors and filters to the pictures, the view, the emotion, and theme of the environment changes accordingly. We love the after effects of the place, and think by simply adding different color tone to the place we were almost like visiting multiple place at once already. Our emotion to the place changes as well.

Identifying Problem

Why not use filters on phones ?
There are many inconvenience and cons of using phone and camera filters :
  1. We have to have the phone. This requires us to hold phone all the time, which in inconvenient and disrruptive.
  2. We might not have filter applications
  3. The color options are not controlled by us
  4. Have to take the pictures to get the view

So, my teammate and I started to think a new way for people to add color filters without being addictive to electronic device that diminishes visual experience.


We started to trace back to the history of lenses and seek inspiration and we draw down the ideas


#1. Color combination and material test

        Final choice: Acrylic Sheet
Solid enought for people to play with;
Easy to cut; 

     Wide range of color choices
     Slightly Heavy;

#2. Installation Making

#3. Changeable Color Combination Lenses

So, we get the inspiration from the design of trail lenses. People could insert and pull out the colored lenses based on their own preferences.

User Test & Public Art Installation

Location: Union Square, New York, NY

The Diversity of Worlds / Prospects of the Mundane Street     

The Other Dimension That We Don’t See



Audience’s Vision