WeDo - Design Sprint

Roles: UI/UX, Product Design
Development Tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Principle
Timeline: 2 Weeks | May, 2019
Deliverables: Desktop Application

Team: Max Xia, Yujie Jiang, Yuemei Zhang, Bella Wu, Joyce Zhen

WeDo is a co-work application exclusively designed for college students to better manage and track group projects, tasks, meetings and members’ progress and create a more efficient, smooth and fair co-work experience at school.

Click here to see: Prototype Demo


The idea is generated by a discovery of common difficulties faced among the team members during our co-work experience at  school. We found a lot of common difficulties and problems that  we’ve face during the process. Based on our own findings, we decided to design a tool that helps students like us to have a more efficient, seamless and fair work experience at school.


Studends from different backgrounds, holds diverse interests and purposes for taking the course, and have unmatched schedules with each others are some of the major problem for getting a good experience out of group projects. 

Sometime, it is even harder to do group projects at university than at company.

Even more, most school are unlike at company where companies usually have official co-work platforms for sharing work, discussion, and evaluations. Without having unified source of tools to support, a unorganized documentation process, a uneven task distribution, and delayed work might be the outcome.

Interview & Survey

In order to verify our hypothesis, we began our research with semistructured interviews and questionnaire. Based on the interview, we started to sort out painpoints students always have during the co-work process at school.

Questions that we concerned about:

  • What are the goals people want to achieve in group-working?
  • What are some methods people use to achieve these goals?
  • What are some tools they’ve ever used in group-working? (e.g., use for scheduling, file arrangement, etc.)
  • In the tools they used, which are the ones they think were effective, which don’t?
  • Which function they think is the most effective?
  • Under what circumstances people want to use group working tools?
  • How long do the group-workings last?
  • Did they ever have group-working experience beyond school? Such as in internship or working?
  • How is those group working experience different?

Pain Point & Findings

Based on the interviews, we found out that these 4 main painpoints stoodout the most:

  • Conflicting schedules
  • Unorganized file arrangement -> hard to catch up
  • Free-riders & no evaluation
  • Hard to track overall and others’ progress

Understand the Users

Based on those findings, we integrated the findings and created two personas to specify users needs. They are Productivity Driven and Experience/Communication Driven,

User Experience Mapping

Competitive Analysis

Take a closer look at current products on the market that are most being used for co-work can let me understand the success and analyze the opportunity.


We gathered and organise all our findings and analysis into groups and themes based on their relationships. Then, we conducted Affinity Mapping exercise to come up with these 5 key oppotunities

  • Schedule group meeting effortlessly
  • Timely catch up with the team
  • Assign group tasks scientifically/properly
  • Efficient feedback system
  • Track group progress coherently

Design Principles

Information Achitecture


Here are some prototypes and online demos of WeDo. We iterated our design based on user tests. To get valid, useful, and specific feedback about the project, we interview with several students at the New School. We collected users’ feedback and used them to guide us and iterate our design. 

Click here to see:  
Full Prototype 1.0 Demo

Prototype V1.0 (Earliest) Overview

The earliest version

Click here to see:
Full Prototype 2.0 Demo

Prototype V2.0 Improvement Overview

  • Added teammembers’ skills inventory
  • Redesigned evaluation function
  • Redesigned Calendar & To do list
  • Updated Profile-Editting
  • Updated Projects-Overview
  • Updated Projects-Task
  • Updated Gantt Chart Design
  • Updated Project-Files layout
  • Updated Projects-Group Chat
  • Fixed bugs in Files-Uploading

Click here to see:
Full Prototype 3.0 Demo

Prototype V3.0 Improvement Overview

  • Removed project names
  • Removed File Section
  • Redesigned search function
  • Redesigned skill inventory
  • Updated Catch Up
  • Updated Profile-Editing
  • Updated Project-Overview
  • Updated Project-Member Cards
  • Updated Calendar
  • Updated Task-Details

Click here to see:
Full Prototype 4.0 Demo

Prototype V4.0 Improvement Overview

  • Added Create New Project pages
  • Added Evaluation pages
  • Added more pages about adding a new meeting
  • Updated Calendar
  • Updated Visual Design
  • Fixed bugs


Click here to see: Full Prototype Demo

Visual Identity & Assets Creation

Keywords:  Youth, Empowered, Diverse, Clear


YUJIE, Parsons School of Design. New York, NY.
All rights reserved by Yujie Jiang